How do you delete a pod which is in terminating state?

Pod Stuck In Terminating State

  1. Gathering information, looking for finalizers, assessing the nodes status, deleting the pod, and restarting kubelet are the first steps.
  2. Remove finalizers, force-delete the pod, or restart kubelet are the three options.
  3. 1) Determine whether the finalizers work still needs to be done, and 2) identify the underlying issue.
  4. Additional Information.

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How do you delete pods hanging in terminating state OpenShift?

How to delete a pod with Terminating state in OpenShift or Kubernetes Cluster

  1. $ oc delete pod jenkins-1-deploy -n myproject –grace-period=0 –force is the first step.
  2. Remove deletionTimestamp in step two.
  3. 3. Remove the metadata-related items.
  4. 4. Use the OpenShift API.

How do I remove pending pod from Kubernetes?

Use the kubectl drain command to evict all user pods from the node after using kubectl get nodes to confirm the name of the node you want to remove and making sure that all of the pods on the node can be safely terminated without the need for any additional steps.
How do I uninstall Coredns pod?
Choose Remove by clicking the radio button in the top right corner of the coredns box, then entering coredns.


  1. Execute the following command in the Master node to get the currently active deployments: kubectl get deploy.
  2. Delete all the deployments, run below command: kubectl delete deploy &lt.deployment name&gt.

How do I delete POF?
How to Delete Your Plenty of Fish Account Permanently on iPhone/iOS or Android

  1. Open your preferred mobile browser, then navigate to the POF account deletion page and log in.
  2. After responding to the questions that are displayed, click Delete Account.

How do I fix CrashLoopBackOff?
5 Tips for Preventing the CrashLoopBackOff Error

  1. Configure and double-check your files. The CrashLoopBackOff error can be brought on by a misconfigured or missing configuration file, which prevents the container from starting properly.
  2. Watch Out For Third-Party Services.
  3. Investigate the Environment Variables.
  4. Verify Kube-DNS.
  5. Examine file locks.

How do I restart nodes in Kubernetes?
Restarting Nodes in the Cluster

  1. Run the shutdown -h now command on each worker node as the root user.
  2. Execute the following command on the master node after all worker nodes are shut down: cd &lt.K8S_HOME&gt./bin/ / ./ reboot.

What is finalizer in Kubernetes?
Finalizers are namespaced keys that instruct Kubernetes to postpone the complete deletion of resources marked for deletion until a set of prerequisites have been satisfied. They also notify controllers to clean up any resources the deleted object owned.
How do you force PVC to erase?
Dynamic Volume Provisioning – You have to set up Storage Class along with PVC and Storage Class will take care of dynamic provisioning of PV (Persistent Volume). Static Volume Provisioning – You have to manually configure the PV, PVC, but when you need to delete both PV, PVC, then you must start with PVC and then go for PV.

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What happens when you delete a pod?

A pod that has been deleted from your account will no longer be connected to your account in any way.