How do I remove the Google search bar from the home screen in Realme c11?

Go to your home screen and hold down on the Google Search widget. Drag the widget up to the top of the screen and over the Remove icon and text. It will disappear from your home screen once you release it.

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How do I remove search from home screen?

How can I remove Google search bar on my Android Lollipop?

  1. Go to Settings &gt. Apps &gt. switch to the “All” tab.
  2. Scroll down and tap “Google Search” or “Google”
  3. In the App Info page, tap Disable.
  4. Confirm by choosing OK.
  5. Return to the Home screen and check the search is removed.

How do I turn off Google feed in Realme?

On your Android phone or tablet, go to Tap Menu Settings Discover Don.t show on homepage.
How do you search for apps on Realme?
Operation steps: Tap &amp. hold on homescreen &gt. &quot.+&quot.icon on the upper left corner &gt. you can add chrome search bar.

You can set up the Search Bar at the bottom of the Homescreen by :- Settings&gt. Homescreen, Lockscreen &amp. Always on Display&gt. Switch on the [Search Bar at the Bottom] option.
How do I remove the search bar from my home screen on Realme pad?
Open Settings, then open Apps. In the All apps list, find Google app, or just Google, tap it and select disable. Reboot your phone and the Search bar should be gone!